Professional bread baker and owner of The Mill (San Francisco, CA), Josey Baker (yes, that is his last name), has created an ideal book for those aspiring to pull an excellent Cinnamon Raisin loaf (page 48, and following page) from the oven, learning the basic art along the way. In Josey Baker Bread: Get Baking, Make Great Bread, Be Happy!, the author sort of chats you through it all (example: once you’ve prepared a sourdough starter, the headnote begins with “Okay, now we’re ready to party.”), installing sentences likely to remove the anxiety factor associated with bread-baking. But fear not. Beneath the I’m-Here -with-You-in-the Kitchen vibe, is a solid, inspirational work. Really. The Adventure Bread (page 134, and following page), absolutely loaded with oats, seeds, and nuts, is a recipe you’re likely to covet and, in the words of Baker “…stands on its own–it is gluten-free and proud of it.” Indeed.