A cookie dough that is buttery, mellow, crispy–is there anything better?

Salted: A light sprinkling of textural salt over a sheath of sugared cookie dough adds dimension.

Baked: A plane of crunchy, crispy, lightly caramelized cookie, broken into odd-shaped pieces.

Spellbound: This is my current–and delicious–fixation. The treat is a combination of cookie, cookie brittle, and sugar crunch. I can’t get enough of it.

Following, the how-to concept: The confection is built on flour, butter, sugar, and leavening. Whole eggs or egg yolks are absent from the list of ingredients. The dough is made by the “creamed” method, and its texture is developed largely by beating the butter, then the butter and sugar, at a certain speed and for a distinct length of time. Once the sticky dough is formed, it is tapped out onto a heavy rimmed sheet pan lined with ovenproof kitchen parchment paper. A little salt is sprinkled over, followed by sugar, slid onto the oven shelf, baked to a golden conclusion, then dusted with a little more sugar. When cool, composed, and entirely firm, the big cookie is broken into pieces.

The cookie pieces are terrific for having on hand to nibble with coffee or tea. Packaged in clear food-safe bags, the sweet makes an inviting bread-and-butter gift–if you are willing to part with your stash.